I think it was perfect, the best trip I've ever been to, it was fun to participate and has HONESTLY helped me in the future.

Sean (Age - 13) - Lister Community School

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My Money Week is a fantastic showcase for all those who are on the same mission

Do you remember who first taught you about money? What it is, and why it is important? Most of all, how you should spend it, and how you should save it?

Do children even care about financial education?

That’s an important question we need to understand and address – especially since the entire United Kingdom has now introduced compulsory financial education in schools.

RedSTART in action

RedSATRT in action

The 'Why'

"When people are more knowledgeable and confident about their personal financial decisions their own personal wealth will grow, helping them contribute to a booming economy."

"As the recovery in the UK economy strengthens, it is crucial that we create a culture of savings and personal financial discipline if we are to avoid the mistakes of the past."

"The shift from Defined Benefit (DB) to Defined Contribution (DC) pension provision represents a paradigm shift in responsibility from the corporate to the individual. The investment understanding and financial knowledge required to successfully manage one’s own pension provision is an integral part of the education of young people. Educating our young people in financial literacy is not a luxury but an imperative."

"A growing number of commentators now foresee growing conflict, and even future political strife, over the entitlements amassed by retired and retiring baby boomers. Younger citizens are beginning to realise that the current distribution of entitlements is unfair. This is exacerbated by demographics. The UK has an ageing population, meaning that generations Y & Z will have to support a significantly larger retired population than the generations that preceded them."