A lot happened in 2015

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Stars And Stripes

RedSTART broke new boundaries last September by hosting our first RedSTART day in the States. It was hosted by First Quadrant in Pasadena, LA, who adapted the RedSTART material to create a 3 day programme, during which they taught 20 students. Here is some of the feedback we received from First Quadrant;

“Each one of the more than 20 students walked away with increased knowledge of finance, economics and entrepreneurship… we often found ourselves going off script – e.g., lots of questions about markets, interest rates, how to choose a career, how to prepare for college, and many others… It was great!”

They are now planning their next session.

Pictures from the first US RedSTART day

Built To Last

Redington’s stand became a firm favourite at the NAPF, largely thanks to ‘Built to Last’, a new RedSTART game designed to teach about risk and return. The concept is to build towers with building blocks in two and a half minutes, and in doing so earn compound interest on an initial amount of virtual ‘money’. It has already been trialled as part of a new, exciting RedSTART initiative aimed at younger students called ‘Money Matters’, a series of games designed to blend financial awareness and learning with fun and competition. It went down a treat, and that was with adults! We intend to make this a regular part of our program for younger students.

RedSTART was also featured in This is Money, a subsidiary of the Daily Mail, after a mutual introduction to Laura Whitcombe, a journalist who shares our passion for finance education.

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New (Red)Starters

The RedSTART team expanded in 2015.

Keillian, Kristina and Aaron make up the ‘Schools’ team – responsible for liaising with teachers who want to bring their class to experience RedSTART. On the ‘Partners’ team are Leanne, Matt, Aadarsh, Tara and Ben who are the contact point for our partner organisations.

We believe this is just the beginning and look forward to your involvement with RedSTART in 2016!

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