RedSTART charity


RedSTART has almost completed the process of becoming a registered charity, pending approval

The charitable status will allow us to fundraise independently of Redington, our parent company out of which RedSTART was founded. We are keen to use this opportunity to expand our programme to more schools and develop new teaching methods of helping young people to feel in control of their finances.

We are very excited to have appointed a board of experienced and energetic trustees to help guide us to our ultimate goal: teaching one million young people to budget, save, invest and give back by 2025


We need to talk about saving

95% of children who attended a RedSTART session since it started agreed they had a better understanding of how to manage their money after the session. 86% of students agreed a RedSTART session had made them think differently about their future.

During the session, children learnt how to manage money in a real life context. At the end of the day they have a better “understanding of financial topics like budgeting and interest”.

In the face of the current pensions and savings crisis, it is more important than ever to be able to manage our money wisely. RedSTART aims to engage young people with high-impact training to give confidence that they can effectively handle their money.

The kids are loving the sessions, they have come back to school full of enthusiasm and facts.
- Kames Capital
The kids have learnt a lot and are very engaged about saving, investing and entrepreneurship.
- South Thames College
They didn't just sit back and listen but actively participated and applied their knowledge to various different tasks.
- Haverstock School


RedSTART are the winners of Financial News Editor’s Choice Award!

Wonderful to be recognised for the hard work that everyone involved in RedSTART has put in.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you for the support you have shown us that has given us the opportunity to work with young people.

A huge thank you from RedSTART co founders Freddie Ewer and Jonny Letham!

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