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RedSATRT in action

My Money Week is a fantastic showcase for all those who are on the same mission

Do you remember who first taught you about money? What it is, and why it is important? Most of all, how you should spend it, and how you should save it?


RedSTART picks up prestigious Financial News award!

HUGE thank you from RedSTART!

Do children even care about financial education?

That’s an important question we need to understand and address – especially since the entire United Kingdom has now introduced compulsory financial education in schools.

What Happens When You Run a RedSTART Day in America?!

Ok, so attempting to teach 1 million (yes, you read that right) to budget, save invest and give back by 2025 is a big ask. So we started to think big - what would happen if we ran RedSTART in America? This is just 1 of the highlights from a busy 2015. Click the button below to continue reading...


Were you thinking about saving for retirement as a kid? Thought not. Redington’s Keir Macdonald looks at how we can engage children in saving for their future via gamification.

How does the Budget affect your pension?

The Chancellor in his budget, capped at £1m, the lifetime allowance for tax-free savings in a pension. But what does this mean?

The urgent need for financial education

Our society is rapidly evolving, both economically and demographically; a consequence is that individuals are increasingly responsible for their own financial wellbeing.

How can RedSTART help you in saving for your retirement? Find out in our recent mentions in the press

Whether you are approaching your retirement, saving for retirement or even if you don’t have a clue how much to save for your retirement. Some recent articles in press might shed some light on planning and securing for your financial future.

The RedSTART Christmas E-Card

Merry Christmas to you all! Most people don't know that we have delivered over 3000 hours of financial education to young people. And just in case Santa didn't know, we made a wish list video. Come and take a look at what we have been up to. Thank you to everyone involved in making this year so successful!


It is becoming increasingly clear the ageing population is having a great impact on the current pension systems in place, coupled with the widespread move from the Defined Benefit (DB) system to the Defined Contribution (DC) system in many companies,


Financial education is now officially on the school curriculum which is great news!

Financial education has entered the national curriculum – but will it be enough?

“It’s a national disgrace that in the 20 years since introducing student loans, we’ve educated our youth into debt when they go to university, but never about debt”, says an e-petition to the government – one which has gathered 118,875 signatures.

Cheesiness, Children and why Redstart is a program designed for greater good.

Without wanting to get excessively cheesy to early on in a blog entry, but…“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.”

Why this summer, financial literacy for young people is no longer a mystery

Greetings from RedSTART! A huge thanks to everybody for your support! This newsletter will bring you up to speed on RedSTART’s progress over the last few months and map out four plans for the future.


As part of our commitment to raising awareness of Financial Education, we fully support the efforts of our friends at Pfeg and their MyMoneyWeek initiative. To find our more, visit the pfeg website. Hopefully this blog illustrates why building financial capability is so important.


Let me start with a simple statement : “If we don’t act now to provide the financial education that people in the UK need – we face one certain outcome – a socio-economic crisis.”

RedSTART – collaborating to financially educate the nation

The 10th-17th March was Learn Money Week - a global money awareness week celebration, uniting organisations with a shared goal - to financially educate the young. On Monday the 10th of March, at the launch of UK's Learn Money Week near MyBnk’s offices in Shoreditch, a variety of people from different backgrounds showed their support for financial education. Charities, fund managers, schools, pension schemes and social enterprises all were united in agreement that there is a need for educating young people about money.


The prosperity of our nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of us as individuals. Unfortunately, many people feel clueless about money. Can you believe that less than 1% of all children in the world have access to financial education? What will this mean for our adults of tomorrow?

WINTER 2013: RedSTART Update

Season’s Greetings, one and all! We hope you enjoy the festive period! RedSTART had a very active November and made significant progress towards our long-term goals. In this newsletter, we update on our recent RedSTART Days at Axa Wealth and Pensions First. We also share Rob Gardner’s 100 year vision as well as our December plans.

AUTUMN 2013: RedSTART Update

The autumn turned into an eventful period for team RedSTART. In September we met up with ARK Schools, an education charity and academy operator. This turned out to be fruitful meeting and we have arranged to run a RedSTART day with ARK Schools before the end of the year. If this goes well, we hope to work with ARK Schools on an on-going basis.

August 2013: School's out for summer

School’s out for summer! The RedSTART team have had the month off in August and spent the time reflecting on the 7 RedSTART days we ran last academic year and looking forward at how we can build and improve the initiative for the academic year starting in September 2013.

July 2013: 'And then there were two....'

Welcome to BlackRock, who have partnered with Redington to help drive the RedSTART initiative forward. A second class from Sarah Bonnell School were taught by a combination of Redington and BlackRock volunteers following an introduction and welcome from Redington’s CEO Rob Gardner and Paul Cribb, Head of consultant relations at BlackRock. We were very pleased to welcome Hannah Foxley (The Women’s Wealth Expert), Irshaad Ahmad (Axa Investment Managers) and Mitesh Sheth (Innovation Consultant) as guest contributors.

Blog: Providing Financial Education for Young People is not a Luxury but an Imperative

Freddie explains why providing financial education to young people is so important for the pensions industry. The shift from Defined Benefit (DB) to Defined Contribution (DC) pension provision, unaccompanied by Financial Education for Young People, has the potential to precipitate socio-economic crisis. Recent years have seen the vast majority of UK based DB pension schemes close to new members (according to Pensions Insight just 13% remain open to new members), with many of these closed funds also closed to future accrual for existing members.

June 2013: Rokeby School come back for more

Rokeby school come back for more and team RedSTART welcome Richard Pagan, from Citigroup Pension Fund, to the teaching team. June was another busy month for team RedSTART. A second class from Rokeby School came in for a financial education day. The boys were very enthusiastic and picked up the concepts well – maintaining concention with scorching weather outside. Juning from Redington took her first RedSTART session, Goal Setting and Budgeting, and did a great job. We were very pleased to welcome Richard Pagan from Citigroup Pension Scheme who took the Assets and Wealth Session with Mitesh. Richard took to the role with ease and made what can be complex topics very accessible for the boys from Rokeby.

May 2013: Rokeby School & Young n Connected

Team RedSTART meet Rokeby School and Freddie and Jonny deliver a 'Managing your Money' talk at a Young n Connected conference @ the Google Campus. May was an exciting month for the RedSTART team. On May 15th we welcomed 17 boys from Rokeby School for our 5th Financial education day. The RedSTART team was also pleased to welcome representatives from Legal & General, Jane Fuller from the CFSI, Hannah Foxley from the Women’s Wealth Expert, Ivan Power and Irshaad Ahmad from AXA. The Redington volunteers delivered the four sessions Setting Goals and Budgeting, Assets and Wealth, Liabilities and Financial Risk and The Entrepreneur. Alex and Dan, new to the teaching team, delivered a great session on Assets and Wealth.

April 2013: The first RedSTART Update

Welcome to the RedSTART update! A monthly newsletter updating you on RedSTART's progress and the latest Financial Education news. Friday the 19th of April was our fourth RedSTART Education Day. A class of 12 girls from Sarah Bonnell school, Newham, came in for an interactive and high impact Financial Education crash course. The RedSTART team was also pleased to welcome representatives from BlackRock, Hannah Foxley from The Women’s Wealth Expert and Mitesh Sheth, an innovation consultant.


Hannah explains why providing financial education to children is so important to her. I have recently had the pleasure of delivering a financial education workshop to a group of 15 year old girls from Sarah Bonnell School in partnership with RedSTART. It is the second time that I have delivered a workshop like this and I always come away from teaching children having thoroughly enjoyed it. I love their engagement and response, they are so willing to get involved and are unafraid to ask questions and it brings me real joy.


Jonny explains how the RedSTART team aim to provide a financial education to young people across the UK. “Really enjoyed it. Students were very excited by the day, we felt very privileged to have had so much input from so many interesting members of your company. I am sure the rest of the programme will be a huge success and look forward to maintaining contact.” Melanie Mortimer, Teacher at Lister Community School

BLOG: RedSTART - 'A Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Education Programme'

Freddie explains the logic behind Redington's decision to launch RedSTART... In 2013 Redington launches RedSTART, a financial literacy and entrepreneurship education programme aiming to build confidence, drive and ambition in young people in London.